Ethan Frome

Posted On September 29, 2009

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Book: Ethan Frome by Edith Warton

Why I read it: It was my turn to suggest a book for our book club so I asked my dad for suggestions.  Books (including Ethan Frome) by Edith Warton, an author I had never read, were among his suggestions.   I left the book club (too bad because I’d love to discuss this book!) but when I saw the book on the classics shelf at the library, I grabbed it.  (They stick that silly shelf near the checkout and I can’t seem to escape the library without one or two books falling onto my already towering pile). 

**Spoiler Alert**

Ponderous Thoughts: How often do we make really stupid decisions that make life really hard in an attempt to avoid something just a little bit hard?  Why didn’t Ethan just tell Zeena that Mattie was staying.  She ended up staying but everyone was miserable.  Why couldn’t he put is foot down to begin with?

Why was his marriage to Zeena so unhappy?  He never should have proposed in the first place but a lot of people marry for wrong reasons.  What could he have done to make the most of his marriage?  What could he have done to make sour Zeena more pleasant company?  What can we do in our own marriages to fix long established ruts?